Monday, October 22, 2012

Hunger Games Party

On Saturday nine teens enjoyed all things Hunger Games.  First up was making bows and arrows out of wire coat hangers, rubber bands, coffee stirs, and Q-Tips.  They then got to test their Katniss skills on the bullseye.   Those arrows really can fly.  Whether they hit the target I'm not sure.

Next up was tasting the Hunger Games inspired food, Peeta's Shortbread and Poisonous Berry Cakes.  Both were very easy to make.  If anyone is interested in the recipes just give us a holler in the comments and we will hook you up.  After they got their plates Amy turned the movie on and of course no movie is complete without popcorn.

After the movie was over they played a trivia game and one teen won the book and another won a poster.  All the teens went home with the homemade key chains Amy made.  It was a great afternoon.