Friday, May 25, 2012

Chopsticks Review

By Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

Chopsticks is told entirely in pictures, im conversations and youtube videos, and contains very few words.  Even with this unique way of writing, the story is easy to follow and leaves the reader wondering what is reality and what is not.

After Glory's mother passes away, she consumes herself into playing the piano.  Today she is playing sold out shows all over the world. But now she has disappeared.  As we go back in time 18 months we follow Glory up to the this moment. We see her meet Frank her very artistic next door neighbor and the two start a relationship.  Frank soon becomes the only thing Glory can concentrate on which begins to affect her piano playing, in concerts she can only play Chopsticks.  As Glory falls deeper and deeper we soon wonder are things what they seem?

As the story progresses clues start to form on what is really happening between the two main characters.  Readers will probably have different ideas on what really happened.  Discuss the book with others to see what their opinion is on the book too! 

There is also an app for the book available on the Ipad where the book becomes interactive.  You can click on links to watch the YouTube videos and listen to the music from the book.

Friday, May 11, 2012

We need Teen Volunteers!!

Summer reading is right around the corner!  This means the branches will be looking for teen volunteers to help log the summer reading books children bring in and also help with programs.  There will be volunteer opportunities at each branch. 

Here is a list of meeting times for the branches:

Hobart Library

Teen and Tween Summer Reading Volunteer Position Tues May 8 and Saturday May 12
 Tweens or Teens (ages 12-17), wanting to be summer reading volunteers, will need to attend a short 10 to 15 minute interview with Miss Karin. The volunteer applicant will also need to, before the interview, pick up a new volunteer application from the front desk, fill it out, and drop it off attn: Miss Karin. Parents are welcome to attend the interview. Each 15 min. session will be for one volunteer. Register for the session you can attend. They will be in 15 minute increments on Tuesday, May 8th from 6 to 8 p.m., on Saturday, May 12th from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. and on Thursday, June 7th from 2 to 4 p.m. If you can't attend a session on one of these days, call Miss Karin to set up a day and time.

Cedar Lake Library

Summer Reading Volunteer Meeting Thurs. May 31 @ 3 or 4:30
Students ages 11 to 17 who will be volunteering at the library this summer should attend this informational program. Duties of a volunteer will be discussed and applications will be handed out. Volunteers must have an application signed by a parent before they can sign up for hours. Parents are welcome to attend this meeting.

Dyer/Schererville Library

Volunteer Meeting for Summer Reading Thurs. May 31 @ 6
This is a volunteer meeting for the Summer-Reading-Program. Teens need to be at least 11 years old and must attend either the May 31st or June 2nd meeting in order to participate. No registration is required.

Highland Library

Summer Reading Volunteer Meeting Tues. May 22 or Thurs. May 31 @ 7
VOLUNTEER MEETING: (completed 4th grade and older) Tuesday, May 22 or THURSDAY, May 31, 7 pm. Students who would like to join the Youth Volunteer Program this summer must attend ONE of these informational meetings and fill out an application. Arrangements must be made before the meeting if you are unable to attend. This is your only opportunity to get a volunteer application. Parents should plan to attend with their child. REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED FOR THIS PROGRAM

Griffith Library

Volunteer Meeting Tues. May 22 @ 6:30 or Sat. May 26 @ 10
A meeting for new and returning volunteers, ages 11-17, You will learn what type of help is needed and how to sign-up and what is expected of you.

Central Library

Volunteer Meeting Tues. May 22 @ 4 or Wed. May 30 @ 6

Volunteer meeting for interested teens.  Parents must attend with the child.

St John Library

Teen Volunteers Have Fun Sat. May 12 @ 10, Mon. May 14 @ 6:30, Thurs. May 17 @ 4:30, Mon. May 21 @ 6:30, or Wed. May 23 @ 6:30
 Summer volunteers are needed to help make the summer reading program the best it can be. Earn volunteer hours while having fun. Teens and a parent must attend 1 informational meeting prior to volunteering. Please bring your library card.

Munster Library

Summer Reading Volunteer Meeting  Thurs. May 31 @ 6
This orientation is designed for students currently in 4th grade or older who are interested in volunteering during our Summer Reading Program. Attendees should bring a parent to sign the permission slip, as well as their summer schedule.

Contact with your branch if you can't make it to the meeting.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graphic Novels

Here are a few graphic novels to check out

Bunny Drop
by Yumi Unita

Going home for his grandfather's funeral, thirty-year-old bachelor Daikichi is floored to discover that the old man had an illegitimate child with a younger lover! The rest of his family is equally shocked and embarrassed by this surprise development, and not one of them wants anything to do with the silent little girl, Rin. In a fit of angry spontaneity, Daikichi decides to take her in himself! But will living with this overgrown teenager of man help Rin come out of her shell? And hang on, won't this turn of events spell doom for Daikichi's love life?!

Saturn Apartments
By Hisae Iwaoka

Far in the future, humankind has evacuated the earth in order to preserve it. Humans now reside in a gigantic structure that forms a ring around the earth, 35 kilometers up in the sky. The society of the ring is highly stratified: the higher the floor, the greater the status. Mitsu, the lowly son of a window washer, has just graduated junior high. When his father disappears and is assumed dead, Mitsu must take on his father's occupation. As he struggles with the transition to working life, Mitsu's job treats him to an outsider's view into the living-room dioramas of the Saturn Apartments.

By Raina Telgemeier

From sixth grade through tenth, Raina copes with a variety of dental problems that affect her appearance and how she feels about herself.

Captain America: Man Out of Time
By Mark Waid

Decades after Captain America is presumed killed, he is found in suspended animation by the Avengers and awakens to a strange new America he barely recognizes, with the death of his partner, Bucky Barnes, hanging over him.     

These can all be requested to check out at your local branch!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Books

The latest book by Award winning Indiana author, John Green, is amazing!
Cover imageThe Fault in Our Stars sounds like a downer. Stage four cancer patient Hazel Grace meets gorgeous cancer surviver Augustus Waters at support group for young cancer victims. What follows is the development of a wonderful, insightful relationship between two fascinating and amazing teens. Sure, it's a tear jerker at times--but not often. More often this is a laugh aloud funny story narrated by Hazel Grace that will make you rethink living, loving,--and dying. And most of the story takes place in our own Indianapolis! This book has been nominated by teens for the 2012 Top Ten Teen Books of the Year.

Cover image Legend by Marie Lu is another great new book for Hunger Games fans. June is a star pupil about to be one of the youngest to ever graduate from Harvard. She is also the first to ever receive a perfect score on her Trials, the tests all ten-year-olds must take to determine their future. When her beloved older brother, a renowned soldier for the government, is killed by a renegade criminal only known as Day, she is allowed to graduate early and go undercover to capture him. What June doesn't know is the truth--about her brother, Day, her parents, the government, and herself. This book has been nominated by teens for the 2012 Top Ten Teen Books of the Year.

New Teen Books

By: Claudia Gray
Vampire Balthazar More emerges from his centuries-long isolation to help Skye Tierney, a psychic girl who once attended Evernight Academy, when she catches the attention of the cruel master vampire responsible for murdering Balthazar and his family four centuries earlier. 

By: Ellie James
As Mardi Gras approaches and another girl goes missing, sixteen-year-old Trinity Monsour sets out on a dark odyssey to better understand her psychic abilities and prevent her terrifying visions from coming true, despite the opposition of her aunt and friends. 

Glee: The Official William McKinley High School Yearbook

Straight from Lima, Ohio, The Official William McKinley High School Yearbook is a full-color, completely up-to-date book that captures all the memories of seniors like Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Finn Hudson and their fellow Gleeks. Featuring tons of glossy photos and exclusive images, the one and only OFFICIAL Glee yearbook will transport you to the halls of William McKinley High School. Just be sure to watch out for slushies!

By: James Patterson
One last chance... for Max, Fang, and Dylan... before it all ends. Are you ready for the final chapter? Are you ready for the ultimate flight? Because THIS IS IT. One last incredible, explosive adventure with an astonishing ending that no one could have seen coming.

For more books, dvds and cds check out Wowbrary!